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  • yelling at someone when they’re crying? funnily enough, that’s probably not going to make them stop. neither is insulting them. especially if the insult has to do with the fact that they’re crying. those are the things that are probably going to make them want to cry more. and feel worse. wow! that’s fun

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I mentioned about going to Los Angeles last week to Getty’s Museum as a school trip, and I must tell it’s a really wonderful place. So big, so pretty buildings and content! I also liked seeing the variety of people there is: Asians, Hindu, Muslims, Hollands, French, etc. After it, we went to Santa Monica’s beach. The weather was also nice! It was warm but it went better to the evening. So fresh and nice! The sun was a little strong, but I wore my hoodie so I didn’t burn my face. TvT The weather in California is so cool that I kind of didn’t want to leave. /crai

Also, me and my classmates did a small and stupid short film which we were quarreled for. LMAO. Though I don’t know why we were quarreled to the point to be told we could have been fined so badly when the bus driver smashed the roof against the museum parking’s and did a wrong turn in the trafic lights in our way to Santa Monica. wtftlmaoayy.

AND, almost to leave Santa Monica, I saw a pair of Muslim girls and daaaaaamn, those waifus were so damn beautiful that I was this close to ask them for a photo, but no. That would be creepy. But ayyyy I want to marry a Muslim woman and give her a good life, or else a Muslim man. LOL.

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